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Simplify Payroll & Save Thousands with the #1-Rated Time Clock App for iPad

Whether your employees are spread across several different locations, or you have countless employees all clocking in and out from one central workstation, QuickBooks Time has you covered.

QuickBooks Time is a time clock app that works using an iPad, desktop, laptop, smartphone or text-helping your employees easily and accurately track their time.

Enjoy the freedom of simple, central clock-in with a 4-digit PIN and accurate payroll with QuickBooks Time Kiosk!

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QuickBooks Time time clock app for iPad
QuickBooks Time Kiosk is perfect for warehouse or retail employees.

A Modern Punch Clock for Employees

QuickBooks Time Kiosk is an easy, cost-effective punch time clock alternative

QuickBooks Time Kiosk gives you the simplicity of a punch time clock without the expensive hardware! And the best part? QuickBooks Time Kiosk works on any device with an internet connection. Employees simply clock in with a 4-digit pin to track time against jobs, equipment, departments, and more.

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#1 Rated Time Clock App for iPad

Business owners everywhere love QuickBooks Time

With 2,000+ 5-star reviews and free, unlimited support, QuickBooks Time is the #1-rated iPad time clock app for employers and employees alike.

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“It was like we were stuck back in the 90s—so QuickBooks Time has definitely been a great help. It has made running payroll a lot more efficient at our retail locations and the other places we do business“


Fast & Easy Time Tracking

Employees clock in and out with just one tap!

Turn a simple iPad into a time clock app that’s easy for employees to use and lightning fast for administrators to collect accurate hours for payroll.

See how this company saves $1000 each pay cycle with QuickBooks Time

7 Ways to Track Time

From an iPad time clock app to a mobile app, QuickBooks Time gives you options!

Every business is unique — which is why we give you so many choices to track time! Use your iPad as an employee time clock, take advantage of the iPhone and Android apps for mobile employees, use the handy web dashboard, and more!

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Use QuickBooks Time to track your time - you choose the device!

“QuickBooks Time has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to run payroll. Before, we needed to manually enter data, and now it all transfers to QuickBooks. It has cut our payroll down by four or five hours per pay period.”

Shelley Barck, Rainbow International, Franchise Owner
Shelley Barck, Rainbow International, Franchise Owner

Seamless Accounting Integrations for Simple Payroll

A time clock app for iPad that syncs seamlessly with your favorite accounting program!

QuickBooks Time syncs with top accounting and payroll software like QuickBooks, Xero, and Gusto. Employees track time in QuickBooks Time, then you import those hours with one click. It’s that easy!

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Simple Shift Scheduling

Skip the speed dating, QuickBooks Time iPad time clock and shift scheduling are your perfect match.

Say goodbye to endless Excel spreadsheets and late nights playing Tetris with employee hours for a weekly schedule. Say hello to QuickBooks Time’ scheduling, fueling a revolution for (finally) quick and easy shift management.

Learn why time tracking + scheduling are better together

QuickBooks Time time tracking + scheduling = better together.
Protect your business from an FLSA lawsuit.

Protect Your Business

Make your iPad a time clock app and protect your business from FLSA lawsuits!

QuickBooks Time protects your business from FLSA lawsuits with a timestamped record of all changes to employee timesheets, accurate-to-the-second payroll, and overtime management tools.

QuickBooks Time helps your business stay FLSA compliant

TSheets helps you prepare for the new FLSA regulations

QuickBooks Time Hearts Employees

Customer Love

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SI highly recommend this application. QuickBooks Time was easy to install and configure on my iPhone, iPad and PC. Customer service and support is exceptional, and it seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks
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Since implementing QuickBooks Time, I have saved 2 hours a week going through and correcting handwritten timesheets!
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What a time saver! I’m thrilled I don’t have to take everyone’s paper timesheet and add up all the hours anymore. This program is well worth the money–now I can concentrate on the other important things I need to do. Thank you, QuickBooks Time!
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FINALLY! I have tried a few time and attendance apps, and this one is superior. I look forward to a VERY long term relationship.

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