The QuickBooks app for Windows is here


Did you know that the QuickBooks app for Windows lets you run QuickBooks Online on your Windows desktop computer faster than in a browser? And it’s free with your QuickBooks Online subscription!

But you may be wondering: Huh? Can’t I just use QuickBooks Online from my browser?

Yes, you can. But here are some cool things you can only do with the QuickBooks Windows app.

1. Open QuickBooks with one click from your desktop

The QuickBooks app for Windows appears on your desktop just like any other Windows program. Just click the icon to get started!


2. Stay signed in

Unlike the QuickBooks website, which signs you out after a period of inactivity, the QuickBooks app for Windows lets you stay signed in. Like, indefinitely.

Just click the Stay Signed In checkbox on the sign in page.


3. Load pages faster

To see what we mean, just click items down the left navbar: Customers, Vendors, Transactions… they all pop up much faster than in a browser window.

4. Easily open multiple windows

You can easily work in multiple windows. Drag and drop windows anywhere, even across monitors and side-by-side.

This is helpful when you want to look at several things at once, like:

  • The Sales Transaction list and an open invoice
  • A rejected and a pending estimate
  • The check form and the bank register

And windows automatically refresh — make a change in one window, and all other related windows will automatically refresh with the updated data!

QuickBooks Windows app

Tip: Two useful keyboard shortcuts are + and + to snap an active window left or right.

For more info on opening multiple windows, choose Help > Using Multiple Windows.

5. Work faster with keyboard shortcuts

QuickBooks Windows shortcuts require fewer keystrokes than on the website. For example, press Ctrl+I to create an invoice.

QuickBooks Windows app

To see a full list of keyboard shortcuts, choose Help > Keyboard Shortcuts.

6. Take advantage of familiar Windows controls

Maximize your productivity with familiar toolbar and menu options!


Download the QuickBooks app for Windows


Is the QuickBooks app for Windows free for QuickBooks Online users?
Yes. Just download, sign in, and go!

Do I need a special sign-in?
No, simply sign in with your QuickBooks Online credentials. Super easy.

Does it automatically sync my QuickBooks Online data?

This article was originally posted August 31, 2015, and updated June 22, 2016.

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