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How to Create an Agile Manufacturing Plan

Agile manufacturing can play a big role in your business' success if implemented correctly. Find out what agile manufacturing is and how to plan for it.

10 Tips to Effectively Manage Vendors and Suppliers

The most important relationships in your business are your relationships with vendors and suppliers. Get 10 tips for managing vendor relationships.

Manufacturing a Product: Understanding the Product Life Cycle


All products, physical or not, have a life cycle. From the growth stage to decline, learn what to expect during each period of your product's life cycle.

How to Hire a Contract Manufacturer

Great product ideas are the basis for many successful businesses, but you'll have to move from the idea stage to producing an actual product eventually.

How to Get UPCs and Bar Codes for Your Small Business Products

For every physical product launch, you will typically need a universal product code (UPC) for it if you plan to sell it to distributors or retailers.

Do You Need to Change Your Inventory Purchasing Habits?

You can use the inventory turnover ratio to analyze inventory trends and adjust your purchasing patterns correspondingly to optimize inventory levels.

How Shipping Terms Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Shipping terms dictate when product ownership passes to the buyer and who pays for the shipment

How to Use Makerspaces to Spark Creativity and Start Manufacturing

The Maker movement is taking the world by storm, allowing people from all walks of life to start inventing innovative new tools and products.