Keep cash flow strong with faster deposits

With QuickBooks Payments, deposits hit your account however fast you choose—next day, or even sooner if eligible.**

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Automatic next day

Credit card, debit card, ACH—no matter how you're paid, we'll deposit funds next business day.**

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Instant when you need it

For expenses and opportunities that can't wait, eligible customers can choose Instant Deposit for an extra 1% fee.**

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Keep the speed, lose the fee

“Waive” goodbye to the 1.75% fee on eligible Instant Deposits with a QuickBooks Checking account, if eligible.**

Stay ahead with next-day deposits

Simply open a Payments account to have eligible payments deposited next business day. Rest easier knowing you can cover employees, pay vendors, and pursue investments.**

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Get QuickBooks Checking for instant funds, no added fee

Want Instant Deposit, but not the added cost? With a QuickBooks Checking bank account, send money to your QuickBooks Debit Card instantly for no extra fee, if eligible. It’s the seamless spending power your business needs to be ready for anything.**

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Let’s get you paid faster

I’m already a QuickBooks customer

Apply for a Payments account and a QuickBooks Checking account using a single application. Applying is totally free.

I’m not a QuickBooks Customer

You’ll need a QuickBooks Online account to use Payments and QuickBooks Checking.

Frequently asked questions

Instant deposits

Next-day deposits

Payment dispute protection


Feel confident from day one

You’re never too small, and it’s never too soon to know you’re on track for success. 

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Let’s get you paid faster