How to open a business bank account

How much money is coming in and out? A business bank account can help you keep track of your small business finances and stay organized come tax time.

Personal banking vs. business banking: Do you need separate bank accounts?

How important is it to separate your business and personal bank accounts? Learn why a business bank account is an important step in setting up your business finances.

How — and Why — to Keep Your Business and Personal Accounts Separate

The ins and outs of small business bank accounts: what you need to know before making a choice

Learn how to establish a relationship with a bank, and how to open a business bank account. Read about finding a bank that meets your company’s needs.

Small Business Banking: Is a Big Bank or a Small Bank Better?

Choosing the right bank for your small business can be invaluable to your success. Find out the pros and cons of big and small banks.

The 5 Best Business Credit Cards Compared

Here are our picks for five of the best small business credit cards, which we've rated by overall reward benefits, APRs, and annual fees. Learn more.

Improve Your Banking Relationship

What bank is best for small businesses and what to look out for

Choosing a bank for your small business is critical to business survival, cash flow and growth. See what questions to ask, and get expert advice, so that you have a bank you can trust and thrive from.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bank for Your Business

Selecting a bank for your small business is different from choosing one for personal needs. Here are five tips for choosing a bank for your business.

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