EBITDA: Definition, formula, and how to use it

A guide to EBITDA and how to use it. Read now to discover how profitable your business is compared to competitors and other industries.

What is net income and how does it affect your bottom line

Net revenue and net income are two important accounting terms related to the financial health of your small business. Learn more about these terms.

Why ROI Is the King of Wealth Concepts

Understanding ROI in your business can make the difference between failure and success. You might have heard the term before; now let?s explore it in depth.

8 Innovative Ways to Increase Cash Flow and Cover Expenses

As a small business owner, increasing revenue is not always a simple answer. Try these 8 alternative ideas to bring in extra cash and cover your expenses.

How to Forecast Your Revenue

Revenue Recognition: What the New FASB Accounting Rules Mean

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