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    Looking for High-Tech R&D Funding? Check Out SBIR

    by on December 12, 2014

    Are you a high-tech startup seeking funding for R&D to bring your ideas to market? Be sure to check out the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).
    SBIR funding helps take cutting-edge…

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    Should You Use Credit Cards to Grow Your Business?

    by on December 5, 2014

    When it’s time to expand your business, it’s easy to reach for the credit cards to get the cash you need. But is it smart? We talked to Sam Thacker, President of Business Finance Solutions, who has 18 years of finance and banking experience. Here&r…

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    Small Business Grants: A Reality Check

    by on December 4, 2014

    Thousands of small-business owners are looking for grants to fund their startup businesses. But the reality is that these grants are as rare as hen’s teeth. Those that do exist are usually earmarked for businesses that fall within very narrow socioeconomi…

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    How to Get Noticed by Investors

    by on December 3, 2014

    Whether you’re looking to launch a snazzy new mobile app or build a resort, investors are all looking for the same basic things — marketability, sustainability, good planning, and passion.
    It simply isn’t enough to have a great idea. Investors want to k…

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    Investor Turnoffs: How Not to Get a Small Business Loan

    by on November 24, 2014

    Since the 2008 financial crash, banks have been reluctant to loan money to small businesses. And while SMB lending is finally starting to rebound, entrepreneurs may still struggle to secure the capital needed to launch a new business venture. In fact, a recent…

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    U.S. Department of Commerce Funds HOPE for Small Business Owners

    by on November 19, 2014

    In September, the Economic Development Agency of the U.S. Commerce Department announced it will give more than $2.5 million to the HOPE Inside Small Business Empowerment Initiative (SBEI). The money will go to fund free classes and technical support for small-…

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  • Financial Resources for Women- and Minority-Owned Small Businesses

    by on November 5, 2014

    Women- and minority-owned businesses are more likely than white-male-owned firms to depend on personal finances and credit cards to finance startup and expansion. These businesses are significantly less likely to seek financing from an outside source such as b…

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    Does Your Small Business Qualify for a Government Loan?

    by on November 3, 2014

    The lending environment for small businesses¬† has been tight in the past several years. That’s why loans that come with the stamp of approval from the government have become such an attractive source of funding for small-business owners, especially during the…

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