Calculating Sales Tax for Online Businesses

Calculating sales tax for online businesses is not as easy as it might seem. Read on to figure out how much you need to pay.

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Preparing for Taxes

Our guide to preparing your business for tax time will help you get your financial records in order so there aren't any issues when dealing


How to Prepare A 1099 When You Employ Independent Contractors

If you employ independent contractors, you're required to prepare 1099s for each worker for tax purposes. Here's everything you need to know


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A Freelancer’s Guide to Income Taxes

Learn how freelancers report business income, deduct expenses and calculate their federal and state tax withholdings.

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30 Important Tax Forms, Terms, and Dates That Every Small Business Owner Should Know

All the need-to-know tax essentials for small business owners—from the forms to the lingo to the important tax dates to circle on your cal

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4 Things Amazon Sellers Need to Know About Filing Taxes

Learn how to file taxes as an Amazon seller. From 1099s to deductions, we’ve got you covered.

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Taxes for eBay Sellers: What You Need to Know

Whether you use eBay as a hobby or a business, keep these things in mind when you file your taxes.


Bookkeeping Tips to Get You Ready to File Taxes

Before filing taxes, use our guide to get organized, avoid penalties, claim deductions or file a tax extension to get the most out of your r


What Happens When You Miss the Tax Deadline?

Find out what happens if you miss the tax deadline, including how to avoid late fees, set up a payment plan and get organized for next year.


Last-Minute Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Claiming deductions can lower your business' tax burden. Put more money in your pocket with these last-minute tax deductions.


2016 Tax Laws: State by State Changes That Every Business Owner Should Understand

With tax season coming, small businesses must be aware of any tax law changes that can affect their business. Use this guide to save money &

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