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Every new business needs capital to fuel growth. And when it comes time to reach out to investors, you’ll need all the help you can get. Download our free e-book, The Complete Guide to Equity Financing, to learn all there is to know about finding, pitching and landing equity investors.


Once you’re ready for equity financing, we have videos on finding and pitching friends and family, angel investors and venture capital funds that can help you get started. And for easy reference, you can download our infographics on the basics of equity financing as well as the differences between angel investors and venture capital. When you finally have the basics covered, use our sample pitch deck to land the deal, and check out our document kit to ensure you stay compliant throughout the entire process.

Don’t think you’re ready for equity financing? Don’t fret, we still have you covered.

There are alternatives to equity, such as debt financing, and we can help you figure out if debt’s right for your business with our infographic on the pros and cons of debt financing.

Want to avoid debt and save equity? Then learn the secrets to bootstrapping with our video interview with John Trefry, who avoided investments and fueled his company, 4WT Media, to success.

And be sure to check out our section on finance and funding for all the help you need when looking for investments.

Good luck!

The Complete Guide to Equity Financing

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