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The Skincare Company: An eCommerce journey backed by passion and experience

Skincare products are a dime a dozen the world over, but most of them can’t claim to be backed by 20 years of research and development, and countless patients’ feedback. The fact that leading cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and beauticians use The Skincare Company’s products, is a testament to this not being just any old skin care line.

The Skincare Company is the brainchild of Joanne Auld, a certified cosmetic nurse who runs her own successful skincare clinic. Joanne had a vision for a scientific range of skincare after seeing patients getting frustrated by so-called “miracle” products that didn’t practice what they preached.

Her experience and extensive research taught her that customers wanted proven effectiveness and a straightforward routine that was not only going to actively help their skin but also offer good value for money.

The Skincare Company inventory management system case study

That’s what led Joanne to develop The Skincare Company’s range of cosmeceuticals in conjunction with compounding pharmacists, a leading plastic surgeon, and a prominent biophysicist.

Today, CEO Joanne manages the strategic planning and marketing side of the business alongside the Managing Director, Tim, who handles the operations side,including warehousing and logistics. 

Between the two of them and six other staff, they sell wholesale to 42 stockists in Australia and run an eCommerce store with delivery to Australia and New Zealand, with plans to scale internationally.

Pinpointing the right business management systems

Like many businesses, The Skincare Company had its fair share of teething challenges in the early days. One such challenge was trying to find the right systems to manage all their business operations.

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There are so many systems to integrate with each other: shipping, ordering, packaging, etc. The mind boggles trying to work out how to do it all.
The Skincare Company inventory management case study
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Over time, we tried to build on systems and get them to coexist but because they weren’t integrated they operate on their own. I wanted to find something that integrated everything together.

Likewise, Joanne and Tim faced the challenge of striking a balance between ordering, packaging, formulations, and demand.

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When sales escalate quickly, you don’t want to be caught short with inventory stockouts. It’s hard to forecast unless you have two-to-three years of solid sales behind you, so it was very reactive in those first few years.

Despite the hurdles, it was a desire to develop a product in the market that couldn’t be found anywhere else that drove them forward.

QuickBooks Commerce = the point of difference

 After getting by with spreadsheets and other basic tools in the early days, when their business started to grow, Joanne and Tim knew that they had to get a more robust inventory management system – and fast.

As sales started to increase and the business model evolved (with B2B sales, multichannel set-ups, etc.), they began to look for a solution that could integrate different parts of their business operations while enhancing sales opportunities.

After comparing and trying different platforms, Tim chose QuickBooks Commerce because of the simplicity and design of its interface, as well as its B2B platform and integration capabilities.

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We chose TradeGecko mainly due to the emphasis TradeGecko placed on the B2B interface. The interface was easy to use, and we liked the fact that it wasn’t trying to be everything to everyone. We also had a requirement to integrate with WooCommerce.
The Skincare Company inventory management case study examples

The Skincare Company found that QuickBooks Commerce helped overcome some of those early hiccups by quickly giving them an overview of their sales orders and invoices from a single dashboard, and allowing them to easily manage backorders.

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TradeGecko helps The Skincare Company by offering a complete business management tool that can grow as our business grows. The mobile sales app is used extensively by our sales teams, and the feedback from our B2B customers regarding the ordering interface is exceptionally positive.

Nowadays, they integrate QuickBooks Commerce with their Inventory Planner, Xero, WooCommerceStarShipIT, and Salesforce applications.

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As a user, I get the impression that TradeGecko is constantly working on updates and improving the package, which is encouraging for SME owners. The communications on new releases are great.

For wholesale, the team utilizes QuickBooks Commerce’s B2B eCommerce platform and say that customers find it easy to order and like the customized experience.

The Skincare Company B2B eCommerce Platform
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Our customers think we put this together for them, but it was just part of our QuickBooks Commerce package!

They also use QuickBooks Commerce Payments for B2B sales, and their sales reps use the Mobile App daily to facilitate selling on the go.

For The Skincare Company, QuickBooks Commerce offers the simplicity of a user-friendly interface along with the flexibility of integration capabilities – which is just what they were looking for.

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Overall, our experience with TradeGecko has been very positive. It has allowed us to focus on growing the core elements of the business while knowing that the operational side is under control.
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I would be happy to recommend TradeGecko to other businesses because I honestly believe it would help them. Having a system that allows access to all elements of the business in one interface is extremely efficient and cost-effective.

What’s next for The Skincare Company?

Joanne, Tim, and the team are hoping to expand the B2B side of the business by increasing the sales team by two-to-three times in the next year. They also plan to open more buying and shipping options to international eCommerce customers as they expand their logistics operations, particularly to the US.

The Skincare Company’s future is looking bright, and QuickBooks Commerce will be going on the journey with them.

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I can’t see us moving away from QuickBooks Commerce, as the product is always improving and growing with us.

Find out more about The Skincare Company.

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