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Does QuickBooks Enterprise grade higher than NetSuite?

Every software company around the globe trumpets the superiority of its solutions and the functionality of the features packed into its applications. And rightfully so. If you employ some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, and spend billions on development and marketing, you naturally have strong faith in your product and expect that colleagues, cohorts, and customers should feel the same.

It’s only natural to adopt a parental affection toward a program or service in which you’ve invested so much time, effort, and patience. The problem is, when it’s your baby, objectivity tends to go out the window. So, as a business owner, where do you turn for an unbiased opinion on how software helps your organization streamline operations, enhance productivity, and realize a boost to the bottom line?

Where can you go for unbiased software reviews?

You can go straight to the source: Legitimate users of software can be its harshest critics and its biggest fans. Yet, any casual observer knows there’s rampant chicanery on the Internet, especially when it comes to product reviews. It’s not too difficult for anyone to create a false persona, log in, and lash out.

Some software review sites have made great strides to combat this phenomenon, however, and G2 counts prominently among them. With more than 1 million verified reviews and over 3 million monthly visitors that include business professionals, buyers, analysts, and investors, G2 is one of the world’s foremost business solution review platforms. Thus, if you crave opinions of fellow business owners and users, this site is a great place to start.

At Intuit®, we’re unabashedly proud of our comprehensive QuickBooks® Enterprise accounting software used by more than 750,000 individuals worldwide. And, an abundance of those users have lavished their praise publicly. We’ve been told, through G2 surveys, that QuickBooks Enterprise sets itself apart from providers such as Oracle NetSuite through ease of setup, the time to recover your investment, and the likelihood that a colleague or accountant might recommend Enterprise. But, we won’t just arbitrarily speak for ourselves. Rather, you can see how accountants, bookkeepers, and everyday users rank Enterprise against the competition.

How quickly will you get up and running?

If you’re shopping for a new accounting software package that will simultaneously manage your payables and receivables, track inventory, and produce slick reports around all functions, you may first consider the impact of implementation on your business. The last thing you’d want would be a drawn-out launch that could disrupt your daily operations, sales, or marketing efforts.

QuickBooks Enterprise is widely regarded for ease of setup, so you shouldn’t be overly concerned with its introduction to your accounting staff and their bookkeeping associates. The Summer 2019 G2 Grid Report for Accounting, a quarterly summation that rates software through a proprietary algorithm, calculates implementation times for Enterprise to be 1.3 months on average. Contrast that number with a 5.3 month time to go live for NetSuite, and you can see how you can get up to snuff much faster with QuickBooks Enterprise. If you abide by the ratings that G2 reviewers affix to ease of setup, you’ll see QuickBooks grades out at 84 percent and NetSuite comes in at 70 percent.

How quickly will you realize a return on your investment?

There’s no question budget will factor into your accounting software purchase decision, and within that space, you’ll need to ask a critical question: How quickly can you recover the dollars you’re willing to spend on the program? With QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum, you’ll pay less than $2,400 annually for five users, and the program includes an Enhanced Payroll module. That’s about $40 per user per month, and you won’t have to wait long to see a payoff in terms of enhanced productivity and return on investment on a modest spend.

Like any prudent business owner, gauging ROI lets you know whether you should press on with your software solution or search for an alternative. Part of the ROI equation involves the time it takes to recoup your original investment. G2 data verifies that total dollars invested in QuickBooks Enterprise are returned in 12 months, whereas NetSuite customers see that recovery in 27 months. After the payback period, that’s an additional five quarters in which Enterprise customers pile on percentage gains from additional revenue or reduced costs.

Who do your peers choose?

More than 135,000 businesses use QuickBooks Enterprise to manage their organizations from A through Z. That’s a glowing testimonial in itself, but the buck doesn’t stop there. You’re undoubtedly familiar with surveys conducted after a product or service purchase, and one of those questions always asks, “How likely are you to recommend us?” If you just bought printer ink at Staples and received a great deal, you won’t give much thought to spontaneously answering: “very likely.”

However, there’s much more at stake when you’re recommending accounting software to another business owner, and you’ll likely respond after some careful consideration. If you find the company easy to do business with, and your employees find the software easy to learn with sparkling customer support quality, you’re apt to give the platform an emphatic thumbs up. These are a few of the main reasons why G2 satisfaction ratings award QuickBooks Enterprise an 83 percent score compared to a 79 percent mark for NetSuite when the category is labeled as “likely to recommend.”

Down to brass tacks

We’ve addressed some high-level advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise versus NetSuite, but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Among many others, here’s a look at 10 features of our platform for which G2 ranks QuickBooks Enterprise ahead of Oracle:

Enterprise vs. NetSuite

The decision is yours

You get it. In the world of accounting software, it truly is every brand for itself. Yet, when you’re faced with so many choices and the continued success of the business depends heavily on selecting the right solution, objective advice is always welcome. In that respect, it appears that the proof is in the ratings for QuickBooks Enterprise. With more than three-quarters of a million Enterprise users globally, not only will you be leveraging one of the most widely accepted accounting software programs, but there’s also a strong possibility that new or existing employees might already be familiar with our product. That fact should spell a seamless transition and smooth sailing ahead for your business.

Data was sourced from the G2 Summer 2019 Grid® Report for Accounting

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