Keeping track of inventory with a Free Etsy inventory Spreadsheet

The Etsy shop you started as a side income has grown to become a much more substantial business. Nice work! Now it’s time to put some better tools in place. 

  • Keeping track of inventory with a paper checklist worked in the past, but now you need a better system. What you’re looking for is a solution that lets you: 
  • Instantly see what you have on hand
  • Track seasonal and other trends
  • Effectively plan promotions, sales and other marketing 
  • Calculate the value of your inventory

Download your Free Etsy Inventory Spreadsheet


These features provide insights on the health of your business and are essential to its continued growth. Effective Etsy inventory management allows shop owners to: 

  • Track sales, including pending, canceled and fulfilled orders;
  • Identify best-selling products;
  • Place additional orders before product is out of stock and unavailable to customers;
  • Measure the growth of your business over time;
  • Generate reports quickly and easily. 

Without a working inventory management solution, you could be making poor decisions resulting in excess product being stored for too long, not enough product available to fulfill orders, and other problems. 

Putting a more efficient system in place frees owners to focus on other aspects of their business, including search engine optimization, customer service, and more. 

We created a FREE inventory spreadsheet where you can track orders, sales, customer details and much more. 

Your business can only grow when smart decisions are based on accurate information. Our inventory management spreadsheet helps you do exactly that, especially for multi-channel sellers who need unified, consistent numbers across platforms.

Download our FREE Etsy inventory management spreadsheet today and find out more about how TradeGecko can help your business grow today, tomorrow and beyond.

Are you looking for an effortless inventory management solution?

Speak with one of our inventory management experts to learn more about TradeGecko.

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