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Simplify batch tracking and streamline your operations

For a hybrid company that is selling to both end consumers and the rapidly expanding B2B eCommerce market, keeping a firm handle on the whereabouts and final destination of product can be challenging.

Product traceability is particularly important for businesses that deal in F&B, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, and other perishable or consumable products. After all, there may be occasions when a business needs to trace batches of products for a recall, and a batch tracking system could be the simplest, fastest, and most reliable method of identifying where the products are.

Expiry tracking

If your business supplies products that have an expiry date, you know how important it is for any inventory system to update you on the shelf life of your products. With a reliable and fully integrated batch number tracking reporting system, you won’t have the headache of manually tracking and monitoring every batch on a spreadsheet.

3 reasons why your business will benefit from batch number tracking:

1.Streamlined operations and fewer data errors

If you are still tracking your product batches manually, you are open to a wide range of possible errors. From the incorrect entry of crucial data and important omissions, to misinterpretation of batch information and plain old human error, there are plenty of pitfalls that could delay accurate tracking and cost you money.

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2.Improved recall management

Recalls are an unfortunate reality for many commerce businesses. When handling a recall, business owners know that it can make or break their relationship with their customers. By handling a recall effectively, business owners can take the opportunity to turn a negative scenario into an opportunity to encourage loyalty and positive brand awareness.

By having the crucial information at your fingertips, you will be in a position to be proactive in any recall situation, allowing you to deal with it swiftly and efficiently.

Reliable batch tracking will speed up the whole recall process and ensure that you can reach customers with affected batches as soon as possible. By resolving issues quickly, you’ll be able to leave your customer with a positive impression of your business.

3.Clearer communications throughout the process

Industry standard batch tracking systems ensure everyone in the company is continually updated. Because a quality system is designed to integrate with everything from backend order picking to front-end eCommerce sales, every part of the business operation is updated with the latest information in real time. This is great news for the sales team for a number of reasons:

It will let the sales team identify older products that they can sell first, in order to avoid the costs of discounting short dated products and spoilage of perishables. Ultimately, avoiding spoilage of perishable products will result in higher profits if they move fast and the faster you can move them the better. Clear and up-to-date information plays a major role in ensuring that the products flow through your business as they should.

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Benefit from building and maintaining better business relationships

By utilizing batch tracking and reporting, your business will not only provide a better customer and supplier experience, it will also lead to improved working relationships with them. The openness and transparency of how you deal with short dated products and recalls are likely to be a major component in building client confidence in both the brand and the business itself.

The TradeGecko batch number tracking system

With TradeGecko’s batch and expiry tracking feature, you can trace a batch’s movement from the beginning to the end of its journey across the inventory system. You’ll be able to see the Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Stock Adjustments that this batch has been applied to.

We’ve spoken to our customers to find out more about how they used to manage their inventories. In the past, they had to spend 5-12 hours a week on straightening out their inventory to keep track of every batch they sell. 

Reach out to one of our product experts for more information on how TradeGecko can help you with Batch and Expiry Tracking!

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