Asana’s Web 2.0 Project Management + World class time tracking by QuickBooks Time = Project success.

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Import Asana projects automatically into QuickBooks Time and sync Asana’s detailed jobs, sections, tasks, and subtasks into QuickBooks Time as jobs and sub-jobs.

Allow field staff to track time in QuickBooks Time on Asana Projects.

View detailed project reports in QuickBooks Time and transfer the time to your payroll application for instant payroll processing.

Use QuickBooks Time time tracking tools to record what’s being done and get accurate reports.


  • Eliminate the manual creation of jobs in QuickBooks Time — update projects automatically and effortlessly.
  • Import Asana projects into QuickBooks Time automatically upon creation. Get detailed jobs in QuickBooks Time based on Asana.
  • Update jobs in Asana and have QuickBooks Time jobs update automatically. Automatically archive the jobs in QuickBooks Time when the projects are completed in Asana.
  • Use QuickBooks Time powerful reports while tracking time on Asana tasks and subtasks. Compare, slice, and dice your data any way you want.

Customer Quote

“SyncEzy has helped us automate what was a very tedious manual process. We could not use QuickBooks Time well before with Asana and had to use lower-quality time tracking alternatives in the Asana marketplace. Finally, this allows us to use QuickBooks Time with Asana.”

— Neil Game, GM, QuadTech


Starting at $99 per month

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