What is a furlough and how do you implement it?

Furloughing employees can save your business money. If you’re considering furloughs, use this guide to aid in compliance and help you implement your policy.

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What is human resources? Introduction to HR services


What is an onboarding process? A step-by-step onboarding guide


Workplace Pensions


Workplace Pensions

What comes to mind when you hear the word “pension”?For many, a pension allowed your parents to retire comfortably at 65 with a steady stream of...

How a timesheet template can help you grow your business

This free timesheet template will help you and your employees calculate hours, wages and taxes.

Everything you need to know about hiring, training, and managing an apprentice

Learn everyhing you need to know about apprenticeships, including how to hire, train and manage an apprentice within your business. Find out more.

What is human resources? Introduction to HR services

HR is a vital aspect of any successful business, so don't let it fall off your radar. Managing HR is easy with a complete software solution like QuickBooks.

How to Manage a Negative Employee

Did anyone you know instantly come to mind when you read the title of this article?Every business seems to have at least one negative employee. This...

Should you start a Lean In circle or women's business group?

Managing maternity leave when you’re self-employed

Are you thinking about having a baby? When you’re self-employed, planning your maternity leave can be a challenge. Although you won’t have to retu...

Why and How to Attract and Retain Young Talent

It is becoming increasingly important to attract and retain young talent. Learn how to recruit and engage these up-and-coming young professionals.

Pay Your Nanny on the Company's Dime and Risk Jail Time

What is an onboarding process? A step-by-step onboarding guide

A strong onboarding process improves employee retention, boosts productivity, and ensures that your employees represent your small business well.

Growing your business starts with the art of delegation

4 in 5 small business owners say they can’t work on their businesses because they’re too busy working in their businesses. The solution is delegation.

How much does a background check cost? A small business owner's guide

If you're a new business owner hiring workers, you likely have a lot of questions about background checks. Do you have to run a background check? How ...

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