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How to prepare and analyze a statement of cash flows

If you review the statement of cash flows each month, you can make better decisions and manage your cash more effectively.

Why gross margin is key to measuring business performance

This article defines gross margin, explains the components of the gross margin formula, and presents strategies to increase gross margin and company profit.

The manufacturing shutdown checklist firm needs

Use this checklist as a practical starting point for your preparation and a guide for your ultimate shutdown plan.

How effective order management can set the foundation for healthy business processes

With demands for more personalized product experiences, order management is no longer a transactional process, but a key business differentiator.

Eliminate customer disappointment with entity relationship diagrams

Entity Relationship Diagrams enable you to communicate and codify the relationships and rules that govern your order management system.

6 KPIs for sustainable growth your business can’t ignore

Accurately measuring KPIs that correlate with growth and profitability are essential to ensuring the sustainable financial health of your business.

How to optimize your order to cash process to avoid cash flow problems

To avoid cash flow problems, businesses need to build their overarching order management processes with its sub-processes in mind: procure to pay, order to cash, and invoice to payment.

What’s all the fuss about click and collect fulfillment?

When executed correctly, clear advantages to click and collect fulfillment for both retailers and consumers.

The dangers of vanity metrics for client-focused firms and what to measure instead

We’ll reveal some of the most effective hacks to increase productivity, vetted by business owners and other C-suite executives.

Discover how to boost your company's productivity with these 4 hacks

We'll reveal the most effective hacks to increase productivity, vetted by business owners and other C-suite executives, both for themselves and their teams.

Cost-plus pricing, tiered pricing and building a profitable company

Cost-plus pricing is one of the most logical, easiest to calculate pricing methods. Here's a look at this technique, its pros and cons, and alternatives

Dynamic pricing: Strategy, examples, and yields

Learn how to let the market—not your margins—determine pricing. Understand how price skimming and variable pricing strategies directly impact your revenue.

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