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Marginal cost: definition, formula, and examples

Learn how to calculate marginal costs with an easy-to-follow formula and examples. Read now to find out how to apply this to your business.

Variance analysis: A 2020 guide to cost control

Learn how to control costs and get better insight into your company's financial health in this easy-to-follow guide from QuickBooks.

Penetration pricing: A 2020 guide to market share growth

Learn how to increase sales and grow your business with penetration pricing by reading this easy-to-follow guide from QuickBooks now.

Bundle pricing: A 2020 guide to product bundling

Learn how to boost sales through bundle pricing in this easy-to-follow guide from QuickBooks.

The manufacturing shutdown checklist firm needs

Use this checklist as a practical starting point for your preparation and a guide for your ultimate shutdown plan.

6 essential skills CFOs need to be effective leaders in 2020

The CFO role is evolving, here are the broader non-financial skills managers need to succeed in 2020.

How online accounting drives nonprofit growth

Learn how online accounting helps nonprofits eliminate operational inefficiencies, prepare for audits, and communicate with stakeholders.

Profitability ratios: What they are and how to use them

Learn how to use profitability ratios in your business and why it's so important to track them.

How to overcome construction accounting challenges in three key areas

Contractors need strong accounting practices and digital tools to support strong financial management.

NOPAT: What it is and how to calculate it

NOPAT shows a business’s after-tax profits from daily business operations. Once you know how to calculate NOPAT, you can use reporting insights to make better business decisions.

EBIT: What it is and how to calculate it

EBIT is earnings before interest and taxes. It reports a business’s earnings before interest and tax expenses are added to operating costs. Correctl...

10 ways nonprofits can boost donations, according to a new survey

QuickBooks Advanced surveyed 2,000 individual nonprofit donors throughout the U.S. and highlighted 10 ways nonprofits can better connect to individual donors and raise their retention averages.

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