Growing Your Business


The List of Essential and Unnecessary Startup Expenses

Starting a business always presents a countless number of choices on what to spend time and money. Learn about a few essentials and a few things that can wait.

How to find growth rate and market share: What you need to know

Understanding your growth rate and market share is key to determining how your business is performing and predicting how it will perform in the future.

Why word-of-mouth referrals drive the most business

Find out why word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most powerful tools for driving business and how to get more of them for your business. Learn more.

Is a business mortgage right for you? How to decide

You need more space to grow your business. Whether you are starting up or scaling, a nagging question won’t go away: rent or own? Even if you can't...

Automation for small business: 10 tasks you should and should not automate

Want to save time, money, and resources? Automation for small business offers exactly that. The key is knowing where to start and what not to automate.

Best small business advertising ideas: Definitions, 20 types, and costs

Learn how to develop a targeted, budget-friendly small business advertising strategy that attracts the right customers to grow your business.

Search advertising on Google: Types, tips, and tactics for growing businesses


Employee retention: Strategies and ideas to keep your business’ most valuable resource

Let’s demystify employee retention by looking at the strategies, research, and data on how to keep your people productive and engaged.

Research shows good advice can help you run your small business

QuickBooks by Intuit partnered with Wakefield Research to find out what business owners struggle with most.

Customer metrics every business should be focusing on, according to the data

Few businesses understand how existing customers can help them overcome common challenges. Let’s end that by unearthing the metrics that matter most.

10 ways to make your site one of the best small business websites online

Want to make your site one of the best small business websites in your industy? Start with these 10 proven and simple tips that will help win more business.

Motivation for self-employed business owners: Beyond quote banks, into the journey and data

Inspirational quotes and platitudes abound. But, where does motivation for self-employed business owners truly come from? And, how can you tap into it?

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