How to Manage Debt

By QuickBooks

9 Chapters     29 min read
  1. Pros and Cons of Small Business Debt Consolidation 3 Min

    If you’re small business has multiple outstanding loans, then debt consolidation may be right for you. Learn the pros and cons and what it…

  2. Back in Black: How to Stay Out of Business Debt 4 Min

    For many small business, taking on debt can seem like a lifeline, but can quickly turn into a major problem. Learn why you should avoid…

  3. 5 Ways to Pay Down Small Business Debt 4 Min

    While carrying small business debt is normal for some owners, others may need to weigh their options on how to pay it off. Learn what you…

  4. How to Pay Off Small Business Debt With the Snowball Method 5 Min

    Is your business’ debt eating away at you? Then start eating away at it using the snowball method, starting with your biggest balance…

  5. How to Pay Off Small Business Debt With the Stack Method 4 Min

    Got multiple debts and don’t know where to start? With the Stack Method, you start with the biggest one and go from there. Learn how to…

  6. INFOGRAPHIC: What’s Debt Financing, and Is It Right for Your Business? 0 Min

    Debt financing has some distinct advantages—and disadvantages—over equity financing. Check out this infographic to learn more.

  7. VIDEO: Avoid Debt, Save Equity: The Secrets to Bootstrapping 1 Min

    Want to fund your business while avoiding debt or losing equity? Learn how to use bootstrapping to avoid debt and save equity in your small…

  8. Raising Capital: Should You Take on Debt or Issue Equity? 2 Min

    If you own a capital-intensive business or won’t turn a profit for a few years, your personal investment probably won’t be enough to keep…

  9. Does Your Business Have Too Much Debt? Here’s What to Do 4 Min

    If your debt load is too high and bankruptcy is not an option for you, follow these tips to try to reduce it.

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