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Holiday sales are crucial for 1 in 3 small businesses after a tough year, survey finds

74% of small businesses are depending on holiday sales to recover lost profits, according to a 2020 QuickBooks survey.

What is an invoice number? Definition and examples

What is an invoice number? Invoice numbers allow business owners to organize, categorize, and systematize payment processing in a clear and intuitive way.

What is payroll withholding and how do you calculate it? Here’s what you need to know

Confused about payroll withholding? Don’t be. This guide explains what payroll taxes are, how to calculate them, and what the current tax rates are.

4 secrets to build a successful referral community

Success tips and growth strategies to build your small business though community using customer referrals and client relationships, including networking.

Payroll tax vs income tax: What's the difference?

An employer guide to understanding the difference between payroll taxes and income taxes and how to manage them in payroll

What payroll schedule is right for your business?

Choosing a payroll schedule for you business has important factors to consider, including weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly options.

Ask the expert: Keeping up with the changing business landscape

Adapting a brick-and-mortar business model during these challenging times can be intimidating. We opened Bonberi Mart, a plant-based grab-and-go store...

3 ways to ensure a successful holiday shopping season in 2020 despite COVID

Here are three ways to maximize your holiday season sales despite COVID, without compromising customer safety.

How to use recurring payments for automated billing

Recurring billing can help you get paid faster. This guide covers everything you need to know about automated payments and recurring bills.

Self-employed travel blogger maps a path to persevere in pandemic times

As the world continues to evolve in response to the coronavirus, small business owners like Sherita are finding ways to adapt.

What are warehouse management systems and how do they work?

Find out how manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses use warehouse management systems to boost efficiency. Read the complete guide from QuickBooks.

What is price skimming and how can you use it?

Learn how businesses use price skimming to introduce products to the market and capture value. Read the complete guide from QuickBooks.

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