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Federal withholding tax table

Learn what business owners should know about federal withholdings with easy-to-read tax tables.

Payroll forms every business owner should have

Learn about the payroll forms every business owner should have on hand for their employees.

How to track employee attendance

Learn why employers should track employee attendance and discover key tips and strategies for tracking your team.

A guide to restaurant payroll

Restaurant management is no small feat. Learn how to tackle restaurant payroll with ease using this guide from Intuit QuickBooks.

What is cash flow? An in-depth guide for business owners

Understanding and managing cash flow is crucial for small business owners. Here’s what cash flow is and how to calculate it.

How much does workers' compensation cost? A complete guide for business owners

Workers’ comp costs can quickly add up for small business owners. Learn how much workers’ comp costs on average with this guide from QuickBooks.

What is warehouse inventory tracking and how can your business best use it?

Learn about which warehouse inventory tracking is right for your business, as well as the benefits and challenges of integrating an inventory tracking system in your business with the latest guide from QuickBooks.

Personal banking vs. business banking: Do you need separate bank accounts?

Getting your first payments as a small business owner is rewarding. But, after you celebrate those hard-won sales, you’re bound to have this questio...

Nevada overtime laws

Stay up-to-date with Nevada’s overtime laws with our Nevada overtime guide.

Florida overtime laws

Are you a Florida business owner looking to learn more about overtime laws? Then take a look at our guide on Florida overtime laws.

Built With Pride: Stoney Michelli Love, Stuzo Clothing

For pride month, LGBTQ+ small business owner Stoney Michelli Love talks making gender-free clothing, finding funding, and the importance of hiring queer people.

How much does a 401k cost an employer?

401k plans are an attractive benefit for many employees, but business owners must be aware of the costs. Learn how much you can expect to pay for 401k plans in your small business.

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