Case Studies


How a side gig on Amazon became a pet travel company

Devon Meadows, the owner of Next Level Pet, shares his story of starting an Amazon business selling toothbrushes that evolved into a pet travel company.

How Stella & Dot empowers female entrepreneurs

What started as a side gig turned into a full-time career for Erin Reckner. She shares business insights and tips for female entrepreneurs.

Here’s Some Timeless Business Advice: Be the Best and Charge Accordingly

Learn how entrepreneur Jason Grubb started two successful businesses with the same pricing strategy: be the best and charge accordingly.

VIDEO: Alexandra’s Macarons on starting a business based on what you love

Watch Alexandra’s inspiring story about how she was able to start a business based on something that she loves to do.

From Police Officer to Etsy Superstar, This Entrepreneur Is Following Her Dreams

Deidre Peak was hesitant to leave her stable job as a police officer. She shares what happened after she handed in her badge to work on her baked goods.

Made in California: How One Entrepreneur Launched an Outdoor Apparel Brand from Scratch

Tony Vontz, owner of the California-based outdoor apparel brand Edgevale, shares the story of how he created a local clothing brand from scratch.

How One Etsy Seller Made the Leap from Side Project to Small Business

Quitting your day job to start an Etsy business is an intimidating prospect. Learn how one entrepreneur manages the fun and stress of working for herself.

Smooth Sailing: How a Ship Surveyor Successfully Navigated the World of Entrepreneurship

The leap from employed to self-employed is a milestone. Learn how one entrepreneur successfully made the transition.

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