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Arrears billing and payments: What does it mean to be “paid in arrears”?

Payment in arrears is a billing method where payment for a transaction is due after the goods or services have been delivered by the supplier.

How to calculate and record the bad debt expense

The bad debt expense records a company’s outstanding accounts receivable that will not be paid by customers. This accounting entry allows a company to write off accounts receivable that are uncollectible. Learn how to calculate and record the bad debt expense in this guide.

How to accept mobile payments: A guide for small businesses

Mobile payments allow businesses to accept and process payments through mobile devices. Learn how mobile payments work and how to start accepting them.

How to speed up payments: 20 tips to get clients to pay their bills and invoices faster

Few things are more frustrating than waiting for an invoice to get paid. Learn 20 simple tricks and tips to ensure your bills get paid quickly.

How to follow up on past due invoices: Guide & payment reminder letter templates

Late payments from customers can be tough to deal with. This guide outlines how to follow up when payments are overdue, and includes notification templates.

A guide to purchase orders: What they are and how they work

Purchase orders are documents sent by a buyer to a supplier to request an order of products or services. This guide explains how they work, and what small business owners need to know.

How small businesses can offer customer financing

Customer financing, which allows customers to buy now and pay later, can help businesses gain customers. Learn more about options for small businesses.

What is days sales outstanding? How to calculate and improve DSO

Days sales outstanding (DSO) is the average number of days it takes a company to collect payment after a sale is made. Learn how outstanding payments can impact your business and how to improve your DSO ratio.

What is mobile commerce? A guide for small businesses

For small businesses, establishing a mobile commerce strategy is more important than ever. Learn about trends and how to start using m-commerce.

What is an eCheck? How to accept electronic checks in your small business

Interested in accepting eCheck payments in your business? Learn the definition of eChecks, how the process works, and how to accept this form of payment.

Understanding customer payment options

When you run a small business, you must think about how you will allow your customers to pay. Read about the most popular customer payment options.

Electronic payments: What they are and how to accept them

Learn how accepting electronic payments can benefit your business in our comprehensive guide to what electronic payments are and how they work.

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