Getting Paid


How to choose a POS system

How to choose a POS? First, understand what features you need and how they will impact your Small Business's operation.

Do small businesses need a POS?

A Point of Sales System can be the difference maker for Small Business. Learn how to get the most of POS technology to improve your operation and increase profits.

How to track billable hours and get paid fast

When you bill by the hour, every minute counts. For freelancers who don’t want to miss out on hard-earned money, here are some time tracking tips.

Create a process to take payments over the phone

Put a process in place to take payments over the phone, while keeping your customers at ease. Doing so will positively impact both of you.

How To Set Up a Contract To Ensure Your Invoices Get Paid – On Time

While setting up a contract isn't a silver bullet, it does provide certain legal protections in the unlikely event you'll have to go to court to get paid later. Here's a list of essential elements and things to consider when setting up a contract.

How to Follow Up When A Client Doesn’t Pay An Invoice

Over two weeks has passed since you sent your invoice, and the client still hasn't paid you. What can you do to ensure that you get paid? We break down each step you should take to ensure that you get paid.

Getting paid on your website: Your strategic business advantage

Your small business' web page may be an untapped revenue source. Optimize to capitalize, get paid on your website.

The advantages and disadvantages of accepting credit cards for your small business

Considering accepting credit cards as a form of payment? Here are the pros and cons small business owners should know.

5 Ways to Get Paid Faster Using the QuickBooks Payment App

Mobile POS: What to Expect With mPOS in 2016

Mobile POS, or mPOS, is making it easier for small businesses to have a secure and reliable point of sale system. Read how it can help your company grow.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Payment Processing Service

The best payment processors will help you with many aspects of your business. Here are 4 key areas to ask questions about when dealing with your payment processor.

How Much Should Business Owners Get Paid?

As a business owner and entrepreneur, knowing how much to pay yourself might be a very tough question. Here are a few things to consider when determining your pay.

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