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    6 Great Reasons to Start a Business on the Side

    by on May 18, 2015

    If you’ve been putting off starting your business because you’re not quite ready to walk away from your full-time job, you may have more options than you realize. In fact, 53 percent of Americans have considered launching a side business, and of those surveyed…

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    6 Tips for Part-Time Entrepreneurs

    by on May 15, 2015

    If you run a business part time, you probably face challenges full-time entrepreneurs don’t have to deal with. After all, many people who run a part-time business also hold down a full-time job, or have other obligations that keep them from dedicating 100 perc…

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    6 Business You Can Start on the Cheap

    by on May 11, 2015

    Not every entrepreneur needs a lot of money to start a business. In fact, there are some businesses that require much more sweat equity than funding to get off the ground. If you want to take the leap into entrepreneurship, but don’t want to go into debt, here…

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    5 Ways to Analyze Your Business Idea Before Taking the Leap

    by on March 12, 2015

    If you’re about to launch a startup, you’re likely convinced your business will achieve great things. But according to the SBA (PDF), about half of all new businesses survive 5 years or more, and only one-third keeps their doors open ten years or more. To gi…

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    7 Mistakes to Avoid When Opening a Home Based Business

    by on March 10, 2015

    Running a business from home offers many benefits to entrepreneurs, such as a flexible schedule, no commute, and a lack of office politics, but it also presents its own unique challenges. According to Helene K. Liatsos, President of Home Office Management Expe…

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    What Does It Really Take to Become Your Own Boss?

    by on February 2, 2015

    While many of us dream of starting a business, not everyone is cut out for it. We talked to Melinda Emerson, known as SmallBizLady and author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, about what it takes to successfully start a business.
    Small Business C…

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    The Top Fears of Startup Founders

    by on January 29, 2015

    The decision to launch your own business is likely one of the hardest you’ll make in your lifetime. Not only do most entrepreneurs have to invest their own savings in the company, but they must also wear multiple hats on a daily basis, acting as financia…

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    How to Know the Right (and Wrong) Time to Start a Business

    by on January 23, 2015

    Timing is everything, they say. And when it comes to starting a business, your timing can make the difference between success and failure. But when is the ideal time to launch a new venture? And are there times when you’re better off waiting to dive in?

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