How you can use general ledgers to guide your business

A properly formatted and managed General Ledger is the foundation of good accounting. Use this discussion to understand what it is and how it will help you.

A small business owner's guide to double-entry bookkeeping

A double-entry bookkeeping system is the best way to ensure your financial reports are error free. Here's how it works and how you can get started.

How accounting software doubles your business efforts

Accounting software is a business necessity that performs multiple functions for your small business. Here's what to look for and how to switch over.

8 accounting equations every business should know

We review all the important accounting equations for your small business. Some are basic and some are more complicated. We highly recommend reading this article.

Business accounting: 21 steps to tackling this like a boss

Accounting for your small business involves a lot of different tasks. Our accounting task checklist makes it easy to understand when to do each one.

How bookkeeping services can save your business

Organized financial records are essential for any business, and these solutions for setting up bookkeeping services can help keep your company on track.

Cash vs. accrual accounting: What’s best for your small business?

We go over cash basis accounting and accrual basis accounting so you know the pros and cons of each method and which is best use for your small business accounting.

Accounting principles for small business owners

Are you new to small business accounting? Familiarizing yourself with these accounting principles will help you take control of your company’s finances

8 Red Flags You Can Spot on Your Financial Statements

Financial statements are dense and number-filled, but they're not impenetrable. Learn how to spot eight red flags that you can use to gauge a business' health.

Using Payment Terms to Protect Your Freelance Career

Whether you’re invoicing for the first time or trying to inspire on-time payments, these payment terms will help you set boundaries with your clients.

Accounting’s alphabet soup: What do all these certifications mean?

CPA, CMA and EA are a few of the specializations an accountant can earn. Learn what these certifications mean and how they may benefit your business.

Why small businesses should have an accountant on their team

Accountants are trusted advisors that can help manage your books and guide your business from a financial perspective. Here's why you need one on your team.

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