Direct vs. indirect costs: What small business owners need to know

Tracking costs is an essential part of the budgeting process. Categorizing expenses can affect cash flow and have an impact on federal tax payments.

Operating costs: Understanding and reducing them for your business

Your operating costs directly affect the profitability of your small business. Understanding them will help you plan for the future and grow your company.

How to Cut Health Insurance Costs When You’re Self-Employed

If you work for yourself, you're in charge of your own health insurance. Learn about some great resources to help you choose the best healthcare options.

Managing These 3 Expenses Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

By updating their POS systems, small businesses can cut down on expenses while saving both time and money. Learn more here.

VIDEO: Offer Your Employees Truly Beneficial Benefits

By custom-tailoring benefits to employees, Luxelab goes beyond health insurance and retirement. Learn how employee benefits help his business thrive.

5 Tips for Negotiating Better Shipping Terms

Lowering costs can be crucial to many small business. Learn 5 ways you can negotiate better shipping terms for your products.

Can You Afford a New Employee?

Assets vs. Expenses: Learning the Difference Can Make You Rich

Understanding the key differences between assets vs expenses may not be too difficult, but using that knowledge to generate wealth can be tricky.

5 Costly Spending Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Learn about five costly spending mistakes new small businesses make, with expert tips on how you should spend your money instead.

What Affects Your Employee Insurance Costs?

How To Calculate And Track Overhead Costs

Overhead costs must be paid regardless of the company's current volume of business. Track them to determine the costs of goods or services.

How to use lean manufacturing to cut waste

The Lean Manufacturing process applies to more than just physical manufacturing. Find out what it is and how to implement it into your small business.

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