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Enter bills

Recording your payables in QuickBooks Desktop is easy with Enter Bills. You can readily record transactions that you will pay at a future date, including expenses incurred, materials purchased, or services provided by a supplier.

    1. On the Home page, select Enter Bills.
    2. Select the supplier.
    3. Choose the date.Note: Bill Due date is automatically populated based on your Bill preference (Edit > Preference > Bills > Company Preferences).
    4. Select the appropriate tab.
      • Expense: if you are recording a bill for expenses incurred by the business (ex. Utilities, Rent, and phone/cable service).
      • Items: if you are entering a bill for anything that your company buys, sells, or resells in the course of business such as products, shipping and handling charges, discounts, and sales tax (if applicable).
    5. Choose the expense account or the item.
    6. Enter the amount.
    7. If you are tracking billable expenses, select the customer job and put a check mark in the Billable column.
    8. Click Save & Close.
Entering bills is part of your usual A/P workflow in QuickBooks Desktop. To see the complete list of workflows and other supplier-related transactions, refer to Accounts Payable workflows.

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