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Payroll taxes and forms

When it's time to remit your payroll taxes, QuickBooks Online Payroll (QBOP) lets you know how much you have to pay and helps you generate your payroll tax forms for submission to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

See what payroll taxes you owe and record payments for them:

  1. Select Taxes from the left menu
  2. Select Payroll Tax at the top
  3. Select Pay Taxes
  4. This will display all outstanding tax payments
  5. Select Record Payment to the right of the tax item you'd like to record a payment for
  6. Review the information on the next page and select Record and print

Tip: You can use the links at the bottom of the Payroll Tax page to edit your tax setup, view your Tax Liability report, view tax payments you have made, or enter any prior tax history.

Generate payroll forms:

  1. Select Taxes from the left menu
  2. Select Payroll Tax at the top
  3. Under the Forms section, select Monthly, Annual, or Employer Forms

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