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Why small business owners shouldn't use Excel accounting spreadsheet

Accounting spreadsheets are a common way of keeping track of your financial accounts. But they come with risks. Learn how they can impact your business.

SUTA: Everything you need to know about state unemployment taxes

Learn what the SUTA payroll tax is and how to calculate the tax correctly. Read about how SUTA impacts your federal unemployment tax liability.

What is goodwill in accounting? A guide for small business owners

What is goodwill in accounting? This intangible asset could make your business a lot more valuable than your fair market price would suggest. Learn how.

Tax tips for rideshare drivers: How to file an Uber 1099 and Lyft 1099

Taxes for rideshare drivers is a bit more complex than taxes for traditional workers. Here's a simple guide on how to read and file your 1099.

15 Must see tax breaks for small business owners in 2020

Staying up to date on the latest tax rules is not always top of mind. Before filling make sure to check out these 15 tax breaks for small business.

Tax pros warn Small Business Owners not to try to deduct these 9 expenses

Think sporting event tickets are tax-deductible? Think again … find out nine surprising business expenses you probably think are tax-deductible—but aren’t.

9 Tax deductions for landscaping businesses

Learn about nine common tax deductions for a landscaping business. Read about why hiring a tax accountant is important for your business.

Exploring the love hate relationship with preparing for tax season

Tax season may cause uncertainty and confusion for business owners. Use these tips to save time and file an accurate tax return.

Small Business Tax Preparation Checklist 2019

Learn about the steps you can take to file an accurate business tax return on time. Read about working with a tax accountant, and using accounting software.

How To Determine If You Can Afford An Accountant

Making the investment in an expert is a big decision for any small business. This article will help you decided if you can afford to hire an accountant.

Preparing Your 2018 Taxes? What Small Businesses Need to Consider

Learn about how new tax law changes impact small business. Read about steps you can take to keep accurate records and file your tax return on time.

Top 7 Things New Businesses Need to Know for Tax Time

Completing your taxes can be stressful and if you’re a new small business owner the process can be even more complex. We have put together a list of the top 7 things new business need to know about doing your taxes.

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